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Master of No Domain

10 August
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I should choose a few choice words to scare away the timid, and entice the curious to stick around and follow my musings. My name is Larry, I'm a student, I'm twenty-... well I'm in my twenties... let's just say I'm really too old to still be a student. I should get a real job and get on with my life, but that's an entry for another day.

My background is Chinese (the good kind), I live in Vancouver (that's Canada), I'm 5'7, so I tower over most... other Chinese people, I'm thin as a rail, and have the hairiest legs of anyone I've ever met. I'm honest to a fault, I have a twisted and almost cruel sense of humour (if you have low self-esteem, I may just tease you to the point of suicide), but I'm actually quite nice and friendly, albeit weird as fuck. I um... I spell everything with a "U" - I'm funny that way. Oh, the title at the top says "master of no domain," which everyone should know is a Seinfeld reference, that celebrates my healthy habit of serial masturbation.

I love to cook, I watch far too much TV (see my 423463128 interests), and I'm a computer hobbyist/enthusiast. Basically I'm a fucking dork. I'm also getting very much into Texas Hold'em (no limit is the only way to play). I'm pretty good but I have the worst luck, at least in real table games, but it's still fun. I'm agnostic, quite liberal, and I like most of the things normal people like (babies, puppies, cookies, blah blah blah). I'm quite thrifty - I refuse to pay for anything I don't have to. This doesn't make me cheap, there's a difference. Live free or die.

Things I hate: smokers (except for Cindy and my Dad), people who have to read out loud, guys with extremely fruity ringtones who aren't at all fruity (or are they? *eyebrow*), parents with unrealisticly high ambitions and expectations for their children, girls with low-cut tops who give me dirty looks for staring, fanboys of all kinds, bad TV, good TV that turns into bad TV (Smallville *cough*), reality TV (except Beauty and the Geek and Celebrity Poker Showdown), and everything else in life that's cookie-cutter (little boxes made of ticky-tacky).

My life's ambition is to find true love, to invent something completely useless that will make me a million dollars, and to make half-asian babies, because they're the cutest.

Schrutefan out.

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